I am Nataly. I have been an Assistant Instructional Designer at the Center for Continuing Education at the University of Regina for the last three years. This allowed me to understand how education and technology interplay. I was able to experience the effects of using a good pedagogy when designing an online course. I am now more curious to learn different methods and techniques of pedagogy; how to design better online course after discussing with teachers; and how to help the teacher develop their instructional programs. It is really becoming my all-time passion to look for new techniques and technologies.

This job made me realize that it is not only how good I should be in the IT field, but also how I use my knowledge of technology in education to make it easier for students to be interested in, understand and interact with abstract subjects in the IT field. It is the ability to take the information and present it in an easy and interactive way that help change a student’s way of thinking.