Summary of Learning

I can’t believe I am posting the summary of learning for my last class towards the Master certificate in educational technology and media!

I can tell you, at the end of this journey,  that this certificate made me better student, instructional designer and possibly even parent.  For me personally, I learned what will last with me beyond the degree, which is the skills and techniques required to become a life-long learner. Thank you very much Alec for giving us a learning experience that was so engaging, informative, creative and inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Lisafrazer

    Congratulations on finishing your Masters Certificate, Nataly! That is an amazing accomplishment! I have enjoyed your quiet yet insightful way! You are a brilliant, creative leader! Thank you for adding so much to this class! I have enjoyed every single bit of it! Good luck and have a great summer!


  2. I have really enjoyed being on this journey with you and appreciate your perspectives, they made the classes better in my opinion. You SOL captured the spirit of the class well Thanks once again. Congrats and best wishes. Hope our paths continue to cross at least on social media as I’m happy you are part of my PLN. Take care


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