Instagram terms of use

Time for a new update! My last blog post was an overview of Instagram.   Here, I will focus more on Instagram’s terms of use statements.

Privacy policies of social media apps are typically stated in their terms of use statements.  These statements typically contain statements and agreements permitting social media apps to store, use and possibly share data on users.  Users are typically required to agree to these terms of use before using the services of social media apps.

In the following infographic,  I try to summarize a few key points of statements of terms of use for Instagram and how they affect a digital citizen.

One major concern about privacy agreements is their length and complexity. This makes a very large percentage of people, including myself, not reading them at all. Check the question below from Trevor Kerr on Twitter, with 13 replies confirming people do not read terms of use statements. I also found the following funny picture trying to compare the length of the terms of use of different new technologies. Instagram is longest!!

(from left: inder/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram)


8 thoughts on “Instagram terms of use

  1. Hey Nataly! Love the infograph you made! It definitely makes it a little easier to read and decipher! I am totally guilty of not reading the terms of service…it’s just too dry and often the language is complex like you said. I think you’ve done a great job of breaking down Instagram’s terms of service and made great observations about the concerns you have. Great post!

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  2. Nataly, your infograph is awesome! You really simplified a confusing document and made it easy to understand. I connected with a few different things in your blog post. A few examples include:

    -Instagram can “sub-licence” the permission given to them to use user data. As a daily user of Instagram, I see so many posts pushed to my feed based on my interests or locations. I have essentially taught myself to block these posts out and scroll right past them.
    -It’s definitely concerning to hear stories of governments trying to bribe companies for personal information. It makes you wonder how much our personal data is really worth? And, should we be compensated for our data when it’s sold or given to a third party company or government?

    Thanks for the post!

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  3. I also really appreciate the chart – it breaks it down in a nice visual way so that I actually read it instead of scrolling to the bottom like I normally do on a Terms of Use page (Ooooops!). I do not personally use Instagram but I look forward to learning more about it and possibly using it in the future!

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  4. catherineready

    Excellent infographic! What a great idea – as a visual learner, I really enjoyed your summary. Did you find anything about Facebook owning Instagram in the policy? I am always curious how this affects our personal data.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the summary! Yes, it is mentioned in the Terms of Use that “Instagram service is one of the Facebook products. Therefore, the Instagram terms of use constitute an agreement between you and Facebook”


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