Summary of Learning

Here we come again to the end of another great course with Alec Couros! I learned life-time skills in this course. I learned  how to become a life-long learner, how to use social media to my benefits, and how to filter information and search for good resources. I also learned project management skills and how to ensure the quality of my work.

My main takeaway from this course is how to build my Personal Learning Network. I believe for a person to become a life-long learner (LLL), he/ she needs to build their own personal learning network (PLN). One creates a PLN through the use of social media tools and websites.  In a PLN, each member is a producer and/or a consumer of knowledge. A PLN relies on the collaboration, transparency, innovation and creativity of its  members.

A PLN allows a person to learn the skills and competencies required to become a LLL. Participation in a PLN requires members to have: a)  Critical thinking abilities to filter, analyze and synthesize Information and knowledge, b) Creativity to produce new information and knowledge.

The PLN helps its members find, filter, modify Open Educational Resources (OER). A PLN relies on its  members to produce and/ or  consume  knowledge (for example, in the form of OER). Examples of OER include Online Workshops, Moocs, Local Seminars, Course Module, Video clips.  Examples of OER portals include eCampus Ontario and BCcampus. The openness of such materials allows users to (Retain, Revise, Reuse, Remix, and Redistribute).  However, this requires  uses of OER to have a very good knowledge of copyright and copyleft rules.

I used Videoscribe again to build this summary with an attempt to dig deeper into its many advanced features. There were an update since the last time I used it. The update has wider selection of images, more fonts, and faster render time.


One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. Dean Vendramin

    Great post Nataly. Your video was ‘catchy’ and really drove the point home of creating and being active in a PLN. I’m glad you are part of mine. Thanks for the share 🙂


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