Project Communication planning

This week I tried to focus on Project Management Communication. It is an interesting phase in the project planning life cycle. Projects tend to be full of details, changes, responsibilities, and many other forms of information that need to be exchanged between project team members. 

Sometimes people should really communicate more.  The following graph is a very popular motivational graph for project management communications and team collaboration activities in general. 

Source: The Project Cartoon

I tried my best to simplify the concept as per the advice I got from my group in the breakout room last week. I used SketchPad software to show the main ideas in communication planning, thanks to Daisy for the inspiration. The final product is not as sketchy as I wished but good enough for a first try. I was so happy when my son Yusuf (grade 7) offered to help because he liked the idea and wanted to try the Sketchpad.

I will divide communication planning into 5 main categories; Input, Communication requirements analysis, Communication planning control,  Communication technology and outputs. This week I will cover the input, Communication planning control and Communication requirements analysis. The remaining two items will be covered in next week’s blog. 

  1. Communication planning determines who needs what information and when
  2. Communication plans are designed at the  beginning of the project and is subject to changes  during the project’s different stages 
  3. Communication Planning requires the following:
    • Input information such as  1) project ecosystem factors such as location, time, budget. 2) Project charter document to understand all aspects of the project. 3) Project resources allocations and constraints that can affect the project.
    •  Communication Requirements  Analysis which determines answers to the who, whom, what,  when and how questions. This analysis also identifies methods and tools that will be used to communicate.
    • Communication control mechanisms to monitor and evaluate project communication progress and effectiveness and replan if need be. 
Own work
  • My learning project is kind of boring lol. The topic is full of definitions, theories, mathematical processes, and so on.
  • Not enough time to be creative after trying to absorb the concepts to be discussed for each week. What makes things worse is that I don’t have an artistic sense.

5 thoughts on “Project Communication planning

  1. Hi Nataly,

    I don’t think you’re project is boring at all (or if it is, I guess I’m boring!), and I have enjoyed reading through it. Project management is not something I’ve even done formally, but I can certainly recognize aspects of what you describe each week–I think teachers do a bit of it on the day-to-day basis to be honest.

    I have seen the image you posted this week before and it has always made me laugh. Have you ever read the comic Dilbert? It has a similar sense of humour to it.

    All the best,


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  2. The sketch looks great! Let me know if you find a program that makes more ‘sketchy’ sketchnotes! I’m also on the hunt! In terms of the challenges you’ve outlined, have you considered making another video to help show your progress? Maybe you could talk and share what you’re leaning instead of listing them? I definitely understand the struggle of trying to be creative while also learning a ton of new material. It can be very time consuming.

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    1. Thanks, Daisy! My son is hooked and is trying to find more tools or programs like Sketchnotes. I will let you know if I find anything. I made a video explaining the critical path in my previous blog. I will definitely try to make another one.

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