Summary of Learning

Here we come to the end of another great course! I really enjoyed every aspect of this course. Thank you, Alec, Kalyn and my amazing classmates for the wonderful learning experience I had this term.

I have gotten a better understanding of what blended learning is and how to use it efficiently to design an online course that teaches students and meet their need in a new innovative way.

I used VideoScribe (free trial version) to create my summary of learning. It is a nice tool with many features even. I really liked the huge library of images, shapes, symbols and emoji provided in this tool. I needed to import pictures only a few times.

I watched a beneficial webinar (made by videoScribe company) to be able to use it and learn about its features. They have many under their YouTube channel which I find useful and informative.

Of course, I had some hiccups while creating the summary :)). Their privacy policy doesn’t allow to sign in to two different devices at the same time. I had to go back to work one day to log out from my computer at work so I can work on my summary from home. I tried to contact customer services, and I issued a ticket. They solved the problem the next day which was very good from them, but too late for my course deadline.

Another issue is the scribe rendering time (the time the software takes to upload your video to Youtube). It failed the first time after three hours of waiting. The second attempt It took 90 minutes for my 4:20 minutes project to get rendering but failed to connect to my Youtube so I had to start the rendering process all over again. This time I choose to download the video to my desktop and I uploaded it myself to Youtube. Finally!!!

I had to live with a branding background because I am using the free trial version.

Here is my Summary of Learning, hope you enjoy it!

Again, thank you for the great semester!


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