Course Prototype

I can’t believe I am writing the final prototype for the online course Kalyn and I developed. It was an amazing journey that we both appreciate and find very useful. I am incredibly fortunate to work with Kalyn, not only because she is an amazing person to work with but also she is my co-worker, and we both share duties and jobs on a daily basis. The mutual brainstorming and idea discussions were easy because we were on the same page all the time.

As we mentioned in our course profile, Kalyn and I decided on choosing a course that can be beneficial for our department and for us. We developed a course on online learning and teaching resources for Sessional and Faculty instructors who plan to or are currently teaching such courses.

We made some changes to our course based on the feedback we got from our amazing evaluators. We created a dedicated section for instructor help and support. It has a link to a Zoom meeting room and a moodle scheduler that instructors can use to book appointments to meet with an AID( Assistant Instructional Designer) using the Zoom room to address any concerns.

We added a peer support discussion forum to implement a meaningful interaction method between students or between students and instructors as explained in my previous blog post about Online Collaboration Learning.

We also added an overview video to our course so it is easier to navigate through it. We renamed some of the activities to be more descriptive so instructors could find information quickly and easily. We added a personalized welcome message to our course home page based on the advice we got during last week’s presentation from Jake Heimpel from D2L.

In order to encourage peer support and socialization between instructors in the course, we created discussion activities and Wiki. Asking them to share their knowledge and experience related to the content covered in the book.

Here is an overview video to walk you through the important features and sections of our course prototype.

Here is our transcript if you aren’t in a mood to watch the video:))

2 thoughts on “Course Prototype

  1. Kristina Boutilier

    I also can’t believe we are at our final assignment already! You and Kalyn should be very proud of the online course you created. I believe it will help the faculty with their course design. What a great idea to create a course on how to set up an online course. It is evident that the two of you put a lot of time and effort into this online course. I think the changes you made after your feedback will add a lot to the course. Well done.

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  2. Hi Nataly and great job on your course development. You bring a great perspective as an AID and I have had the opportunity to sit with ours at Sask Poly. You do some amazing things and are the unsung heroes behind the content that is delivered. This course would be a great support for all faculty designing and developing online content.

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