Peer review feedback

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This week we have been asked to respond to the feedback we received from our evaluators.  The feedback Kalyn and I received was so useful and informative. It made us think more deeply about our course content and profile. It also helped us realize little changes we could make that would clarify our course to others.  Overall, the feedback we received was positive, and the evaluators praised our clear instruction, the ease of navigation throughout the course, how well organized the course materials were, that all links worked well, and the effectiveness of the “how-to” videos we posted.

Our course is a bit different in that our ‘students’ are instructors who are working with an instructional designer.  Therefore, the student/instructor will have some knowledge of UR Courses, and the setup of our class is based on the assumption that they have some basic understanding.

One of the biggest takeaways we got from the feedback is that an introduction video, stating the purpose and goal of the course would be beneficial.  Another expressed concern is there is not much information regarding the course format choice. This course is intended to be an online asynchronous class that does not have a specific time frame, and this should be mentioned either in the intro video or in the Module 1 Overview.  

The evaluators recommended adding better-detailed descriptions in some of our activities. We strongly agree with the recommendation, and we will be adding descriptions to the News Forum and Test Your Knowledge interactive.  We will also rename some of the activities and topic headings to make the course clearer so instructors could find information quickly and easily.

A suggestion was made to include videos, like the “how-to” videos, in all the modules. We believe that this is a fantastic idea because embedding our videos into the modules may make the content more engaging.  Our logic was to create a place where the students could quickly find all of the videos and watch only the ones needed. Going forward, we will keep the ‘How to’ Videos module/section and also embed the videos into the content where applicable.

Another major thing we will change based on the feedback we received is to build in more interaction with the instructional design (ID) team.  It was recommended that we create introductory videos for ourselves as the instructors, but Kalyn and I don’t want to make ourselves more visible as the creators of the course because it represents the entire instructional design team. The students should be working directly with an ID creating an online course, so while the course is being created, they have someone to contact if they have questions.  There are rare cases though, where people aren’t sure who to contact.  We plan to add a section that will make interaction with the ID team more accessible; It will contain a general email address that can be used if the student has questions.  We will also create a Zoom room, and a scheduler, so students can book appointments to meet with an ID in the Zoom room to address any concerns.

The peer review has been a valuable, detailed and meaningful assignment. We appreciated all of the feedback we received. Huge thanks to our evaluators!

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