Design of online courses using UR courses (Moodle)

By Elisa.garcia.1994 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Kalyn and I decided on choosing a course that can be beneficial for our department and us. The main purpose of the course is to prepare Sessional and Faculty instructors to effectively plan and manage their class in UR courses (Moodle). We will create instructional documents and videos on how to use various technology tools that may be used In a fully online and blended course. 

We would like this course to be a valuable resource for instructors when developing their online courses. It is a self-paced course that instructors can take once they know they will teach an online course.

Problem/Concern to be addressed by this course

There are many tools and activities in Moodle.  Most instructors either don’t know what is available or how to best use them to create their course.  Also, almost every year there is a new version of the LMS along with a lot of new features and tools. First time online Instructors and sessional need to be updated and learn about the new version and this doesn’t always happen. Technological advancements are very fast and hard to keep up with.

Target Audience:

Sessional and Faculty instructors who plan to or are currently teaching online and blended courses.

Course Objectives:

  • Familiarize audience with LMS functionality and interface
  • Develop self-paced tutorials and instructional videos
  • Create videos for ‘just in time’ learning
  • Provide professional development and support to the sessional and Faculty instructors.
  • Helps faculty develop quality online courses; article, Seven Things to Consider Before Developing Your Online Course, is a good resource for instructors.
  • Become comfortable with LMS at the U of R.
  • Cover best practices in course navigation and design, online communication and collaboration, online assessments, pedagogy, andragogy, accessibility, and LMS skills training.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using a range of learning technologies and platforms, for: content presentation, creation and sharing; interaction and communication;
  • Build an understanding of different LMS features and how they correspond to different learning theories
  • Prepare Sessional and Faculty instructors to plan and manage the effective use of technology and moodle
  • Copyright Clearance for the course site

Course formats, platform and toolset:

  • Peer Support forum – where instructors can post questions they have and other instructors can share their experience.  Should be supported by an instructional designer.
  • Best Practices forum or wiki
  • Create books which contain pedagogical and ‘how to’ information
  • instructional videos using Zoom to answer frequently asked questions
  • Use H5P interactive tools, to engage and test knowledge
  • Instructor manual for LMS.

Course Material

  • Moodle docs
  • Bates, A. W. & Sangrà, A. (2011). Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching & Learning. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.


  • Do not plan to assess instructors, this course is for their knowledge, so they become better at UR Courses. Our aim is to direct faculty to sources of information and to different aspects of online learning. It will be up to the faculty to decide what to use and what is most relevant to their learning strategies or course objectives.

3 thoughts on “Design of online courses using UR courses (Moodle)

  1. I love that you are proving a peer support forum! I think a lot of online learning can create fear for people who think they aren’t strong with technology. I also liked the article you provided Seven Things to Consider Before Developing Your Online Course. This is easily laid out and I think the instructions would find it useful! Well done.


    1. Thanks, Kyla! I am hoping instructors would use it to talk about any topic they want related to online learning as well. For example, What things have worked and not worked in their experience?


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