Summary of Learning

I can’t believe we have reached the end of EC&I 833  Here is my last minute summary of learning!

I used Prezi for the first time and I had a bit of a learning curve with it. I recorded the presentation with Zoom. I had to record for maybe let us say 27 times. It is my first time to listen to myself explaining something. Oh!!! It Is different.  Please forgive my pronunciation of English and the heavy accent !!!!

I have enjoyed working with all of you during the last 3 month. The discussions, comments and input from all of the classmates are very well appreciated. I hope We meet again in other EdTech courses at U of R.

All the best for all of you in your other activities.

(Although it may be a bit too early, Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!).



4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

    1. Thanks a lot! It was really an eye-opening course for me. I learned a lot either from Alec or my classmates. I wanted to know Prezi a long time ago as well. This course forced me to do so. The only frustration I had with it that it doesn’t have the background music feature. I had to play the music in the background of my computer. Otherwise, It is a useful tool with many nice templates.


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